Sheer Shadings- The Versatile Option

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Benefits of Sheer Shadings

We know, we know—choosing which window treatments are right for your home can be daunting! Sometimes having so many options just makes things harder…

Should you go with harder treatments like plantation shutters or wooden blinds, or maybe the softer options like curtains and drapes? How is anyone supposed to choose?!

Well, we have some good news for you. You don’t have to choose! Although you certainly can get custom draperies to go with your harder window treatments, there is also something that can allow you to have the best of both worlds: sheer shadings.

Don’t Block The View!

Chicago is beautiful- we all know it! Why block those amazing views? One downside to most traditional window treatments is that in order to achieve light control, you also have to block your outside views. For many of us, our view is one of the major reasons we purchased our home! Not to mention we are about to welcome summer, the most beautiful time of the year! With sheer shadings, even when entirely open, have sheer fabric panels on either side so that you can achieve a degree of light control without blocking your beautiful view.

Light Diffusion

Speaking of sheer paneling, one of the main benefits is being able to diffuse the light coming into your house without blocking it entirely. Rather than window treatments like blinds or shutters that block light coming in from outside, sheer shadings actually filter light, so you are still getting light into your home, but without the harshness of unobstructed sunlight. Because of their unique combination of flexible fabric vanes and sheer fabric panels, your sheer shadings can provide as much or as little light control as your home needs. Whether you want the beautiful light filtration or total control and privacy, MWT can measure and install a sheer shading that’s perfect for your home. And, if you’ve got wider windows or a sliding glass door in your home, never fear, we’ve still got you covered. We can install shadings with the same vertical orientation as a vertical blind, but with the light diffusion of a sheer shading.

The unique construction of sheer shadings provide for an unprecedented level of light control variation. Do not hesitate to contact MWT today to let our friendly professionals help you find the perfect set for your home.

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