Motorized Shades- Helping Homeowners Stay Safe During COVID-19

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Motorized shades allow you to move your window treatments to exactly the desired position and control them wirelessly with applications on your smartphone or remote control. With this type of shade, you can schedule when you lower and raise your window coverings according to your schedule and depending on the environment. But with the recent COVID-19 events, the benefits of motorized shades have been highlighted more than ever! 

To protect ourselves during the current pandemic, many of us have taken extra precautions to avoid introducing germs from public spaces into our personal spaces. What about inside the house, though? How can we further limit the transfer of any germs there? 

We recently posted a very informative article on our Facebook page about all of the different ways to keep your home clean during quarantine (because it can be just as exposing as going into public if not kept up with!). Pretty high on their list was the usage of motorized window treatments!

"Window treatments — draperies, blinds or shades — probably are handled more than you realize. Rather than frequently wiping down, or washing, the material to reduce the germs, it’s much easier to regularly wipe down a remote control instead." Adding as many hands-free products to your home makes it easier to properly sanitize and avoid contact with as many people as possible.

Other home ideas included:

-Touchless trashcans

-Wiping down door handles and light switches

-Sanitizing the mailbox (That's a clever one!) 

We hope that this blog and the linked article will stress the importance of keeping your own space as protected as if you venture into public. MWT is still taking on projects and is committed to the complete protection of both you and our employees. Read our next blog to learn more about the precautions we have set into place to ensure this!