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At Motorized Window Treatments, we have taken every step possible to ensure your safety and comfort during all of our installations and projects. While we are still taking jobs, we have adopted the following precautions to protect both you and our employees. Please feel free to contact us at (224)-856-8456 if you have any questions about our operations during Covid-19. It is a great time to work on those home projects you haven't previously had time for, we just need to do them in the safest way possible! 

1) Every Employee Wears Face Masks
2) Every Employee Wears Gloves
3) We carry hand sanitizer with us and use it throughout the day
4) Before our tools go into our bags they are sprayed down with a disinfectant
5) Before our tools and ladders go into our vans, they are sprayed down again.
6) Before our gloves are taken off, we sanitize them
6b)Once the gloves are sanitized, we clean our keys and phones.
7) After our gloves and mask are off after a job we sanitize our hands and face