Why go Motorized

Ensure your home and child safety and eliminate the danger of strangulation or injury with the help of our motorized window treatments.

  • Child Safety:

    • According to information provided by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, since 1990, more that 200 infants and young children have died from accidentally strangling in window cords.
    • Motorization takes the cord away and eliminates the danger of strangulation or injury.
    • Motorization gives you a way to keep your window treatments in premium condition because a child is no longer able to play with the cords.

    motorized window treatments

  • Disabilities:

    (No more relying on others to do what you can now do yourself!)

    People who have arthritis, missing limbs or are bound to a wheelchair gain their independence back when they work with a motorized window treatment.

    • If your joints cause too much pain when you lift or lower your arms, motorization eliminates the need for lifting
    • If when you try to grab a cord or coffee cup and your fingers can’t hold on or pain shoots through your arms, a remote control can eliminate the need to grab, hold, or pull cords
    • If you have a window that is out of your reach because you are wheelchair bound, a strategically placed wall switch or easy to reach remote control gives you the ability to control the light and your privacy without having to rely on someone else to open or close the blinds

    motorized window shades

  • Environmental Friendliness & Home Safety:

    • Windows Facing East, South, or West: using a timer or sun sensor to automatically open or close your window treatments at a specific time in the day will reduce your energy consumption and in turn lower your utility bills.
    • Large Banks of Windows: it is very time consuming to manually operate each and every window treatment. By motorizing a bank of windows you can operate all the treatments at the same time, as well as set an intermediate position by the push of a button.
    • High Windows: motorizing your window treatments gives you the ability to control the amount of light that enters the room, thus reducing or eliminating glare.
    • Away From Home Control: if you are not home and your treatments are motorized, you can give the appearance of being home through using a sun sensor or timer.

    motorized drapery tracks

  • Types of Motorization Projects:

    • Battery operated window treatments
    • Hardwired AC and DC window treatments
    • Downtown Urban High-rises where 75% of the exterior walls are glass
    • Large window treatments that would be difficult to lift using a manual cord operated system
    • Homes with multiple windows in one room that you would like to control at one time
    • In a baby’s or young child’s room
    • When your windows are blocked by furniture or plants
    • When you have a home automation (smart home) system
    • In an office or conference room setting
    • Hard to reach windows
      • Above the kitchen sink
      • Skylights
      • Above a bath tub
      • Two story great room or foyer windows